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Essentials for good UX Design (user experience)

Today, I have been zipping around a client's website, focusing on the user experience (UX) across desktop and mobile and how this experience fits both the customer journey and the brand story. Across these two devices, the customer expectation is quite different, with the desktop user possibly at the interest or consideration phase of the brand relationship, happily reading extra information and detail through user guides and reviews. In contrast, the mobile user's needs may be more concise and direct, such as booking, logging in, or purchasing.

When creating website elements for a positive user experience across multiple platforms, it is a juggling act but I agree with Devaraj Southworth, we must focus on the customer journey.

Everyone is at different stages of the funnel, so providing supporting content such as videos and using language that is easy to understand will help define a clear purpose and answer user queries along the way. If we are too abrupt in our language and approach or distract them with unnecessary design elements, we might lose them on the next screen, bouncing our interested users straight off the site.

Engaging UX design relies on many elements, including understanding your target audience and their expectations, developing trust through content interaction, having clear CTA's, and simple user functions. And the benefits of good UX design are plenty including:

  • Lower bounce rates and longer time spent on the website

  • Improved searchability for search engines

  • Higher conversion rates from clear CTA's

  • Increased traffic and much more.

In this recent Forbes article, 15 tech experts share their thoughts on Good UX Design. Here is a link to the complete article I found it a super interesting read.

As a marketer and not a web developer or designer, I certainly bring different discussions and focus to our UX design talks at Neopitch. I would welcome your thoughts on your guiding principles when working on UX design.

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