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Coastline Chirporactic Centre

and Brainstorm Rehabilitation

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Coastline Chiropractic Centre and Brainstorm Rehabilitation  |


Coastline Chiropractic Centre and Brainstorm were established by Chiropractor and Neuro Rehabilitation Therapist, Darren Gray.

Darren approached Neopitch because he was struggling to distinguish between his two brands, which was resulting in mixed messages being conveyed to the market. It was clear Darren was extremely passionate about his services, and his desire to educate people and improve their overall wellbeing and mindfulness was clearly evident.

Neopitch helped distinguish between the two brands by highlighting the different brand personalities. We adjusted Brainstorm so that it looked less like a specialist service for clinical rehabilitation and more like a state-of-the-art offering targeting athletes, students, seniors and acquired brain injury patients.

In contrast, we gave Coastline Chiropractic Centre a new colour palette, which helped to integrate nature and mindfulness into the Coastline story.

Then we can help you design a great game plan.

There’s no point having great advice, strategies and creative solutions without implementation.

Neopitch don’t walk away once the high-level thinking is done. This is where the real fun begins. Our team of experts partner with you to deliver the marketing components and help you put them into action. Neopitch is an agile team. We collaborate with experts across a diverse range of capabilities to execute your game plan, amplify your brand story and deliver results.

Neopitch continues to assist the two brands with:


-  Digital marketing

-  Social media strategy and content 

-  Print media

-  Newsletters

-  Communication methods such as podcasting

-  Resources



Operating two businesses with different brands, markets and aims - we required someone with experience to guide us. Neopitch, has been instrumental with maintaining our social and online presence.


Darren Gray  |  Chiropractor & Company Principal

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