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Innervision Surf N Skate

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Innervision Surf N Skate


Located within walking distance of the CBD, Town Beach and tourist accommodation, the award winning Inner Vision Surf N Skate retail store has been an icon in Port Macquarie for over 35 years.

Now run by local born and bred surf and skate enthusiast, Matt Scully, this family owned store stocks everything surf and skate. The staff pride themselves on knowing their products inside and out, plus they’re extremely patriotic to the local area.

Neopitch partnered with Inner Vision Surf N Skate to develop their brand identity. Already a well established brand locally, Neopitch developed a strategy to further build the brand loyal community into a tribe that encouraged people to proudly share their merchandise on social media across the globe. These proud brand ambassadors across different generations still share this story today.

One thing that made Inner Vision Surf N Skate different from other surf stores was the ‘skate’ twist to their brand. Being the exclusive stockist of Smooth Star and other skate and scooter brands, it was important to get this message out there without diluting the store’s ‘surf’ story.

The ‘Inno Crew’ logo was developed to create an exclusive sub-brand that only scooter workshop attendees wore. This helped connect with the younger scooter riders who wore the shirts proudly at the skatepark, promoting the only Hastings scooter brand. The scooter workshops themselves were also exclusive to Inner Vision Surf N Skate, and the product development proved very beneficial for brand awareness.

Neopitch worked alongside the very talented crew at
Inner Vision Surf N Skate developing the following:

-  Press and sales flyers

-  Inno Crew logo for new scooter workshops

-  Video content for social media with local talent

-  Radio adverts

-  Social media content and strategy  

-  Newsletters

-  Visual merchandise

-  Brand Ambassadors strategy including competitions

-  Initial set up of Inner Vision Surf N Skate online store

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Hayley has been a valuable part of my business in reaching the goals that I never had even thought of.


Matt Scully  |  Inner Vision Surf N Skate, Port Macquarie

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