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Catholic Care of the Aged

St Agnes' Care and Lifestyle

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Catholic Care of the Aged / St Agnes' Care and Lifestyle  |


Part of the St Agnes Catholic Parish in Port Macquarie, Catholic Care of the Aged (CCA), offers home care, retirement living and residential care services throughout the Hastings region.

With Port Macquarie being a retirement hub for seniors, many competitors have established themselves in the market since the creation of CCA 40 years ago. As a result, CCA were keen to share their unique brand story, which included showcasing the Parish, the caring team at the local call centre, Donnelly House, plus the three service areas available to seniors.

Neopitch conducted focus groups with each of the service areas (home care, retirement living and residential care) to establish an overall brand focus and provide the creative direction for each marketing component.

The marketing strategy included TV, radio, print media and expo booths. The objective was to increase awareness of the CCA brand in the local market from Taree in the South to Coffs Harbour in the North, and everything in between.

CCA and Centacare in September 2020 re-branded as St Agnes' Care and Lifestyle. Neopitch assisted in this process with website content, radio commercials and TV advertising.

Neopitch developed and assisted in the implementation of the following:


-  Media liaising for radio

-  Radio scripts and commercial production including professional voiceover

-  15 and 30 second TV commercials with professional voiceover and talent

-  Press advertisements for numerous publications

-  Landing page for campaign to highlight Donnelly House as the call to action hero  

-  Photo library

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