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#LitFest2444 Storytelling Festival

for High School Students

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#LitFest2444 Storytelling Festival


With limited access to cultural events on the Mid North Coast, #LitFest2444 organisers wanted to establish a storytelling festival specifically for high school students. The aims were to explore the different types of genres available to tell a story, develop student skill sets, and introduce students to creative industries they may not have known about.

#LitFest2444 - Pen, Paper Pixels was born in 2016. Held annually ever since, the event continues to evolve with industry experts workshopping topics such as podcasting, creative writing, video production, photography, performing arts, graphic design, and more.

Neopitch helped develop the #LitFest2444 brand into a vibrant cultural event. The brand needed to be edgy enough to attract the 13-18 year-old target audience, while still being sophisticated enough to attract high calibre speakers and a professional development audience to add some fun to classrooms.

Now in its 5th year Neopitch has worked alongside #LitFest2444 to create:


-  Brand ID and strategy

-  Website

-  Promotional videos

-  TV and cinema commercials

-  Social media strategy and content 

-  Press releases

-  Event photo library

-  Billboard

...and a whole lot more fun  

Then we can help you design a great game plan.

There’s no point having great advice, strategies and creative solutions without implementation.

Neopitch don’t walk away once the high-level thinking is done. This is where the real fun begins. Our team of experts partner with you to deliver the marketing components and help you put them into action. Neopitch is an agile team. We collaborate with experts across a diverse range of capabilities to execute your game plan, amplify your brand story and deliver results.



When we first envisioned #LitFest2444, way back in December 2015, we had no idea of the magnitude of putting together such an event, on a regular annual basis. Hayley and the team at Neopitch were recommended by one of our senior educators, and we could not have wished for a more focused, supportive and professional approach to our marketing and concept requirements. From the creation of our visual brand, liaising with sponsors and media, managing our social media and press releases, contacting key stakeholders in the community, and beyond, we have come to rely heavily on the timely expertise of Neopitch and its personnel. Without this, our event would not have managed to position itself in the cultural fabric of the Port Macquarie-Hastings area in the prolific way that it has in the few short years since its inception. We are very grateful to Neopitch for the strong and supportive partnership which has been forged with them.


Karen Bale & Suzanne Penson  |  Event Founders

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