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How can you create a positive 'on-hold' experience.

Updated: May 31, 2021

by Hayley McGrath

I sat on hold this morning for 7 minutes. I needed a problem solved, and this organization was the only one who could solve it! So I sat and multi-tasked listening to the muffled sounds of 'relaxing' music, and it got me thinking.

This on-hold period is a valuable time to connect with customers, provide insight into overall brand values, and highlight problems brands solve with their product mix. I wonder how many brands are doing this effectively?

yellow phone with speech bubble asking a question

According to research, callers hearing information stay on the line up to 3.5 minutes longer than with just silence. Messages on hold can naturally lead to more sales and a positive brand impression if done well.

If not done well, a bad on-hold experience can cause customers to hang up, and 34% of cases never call back. What!

So they go from having a highly engaged customer who wants to book an appointment, ask a question or make a purchase and with one crummy on-hold message experience, goes somewhere else to fix their problem!

On-hold messages are an incredibly effective marketing tool that we encourage our clients to use where appropriate to cross-sell an additional option, promote new products or specials, educate callers about brand benefits, highlight brand values, and even deliver some pluses about working with your company.

So how can you positively utilize this on-hold time for your brand? Here are 3 simple tips to get you started.

1. Length. The same message repeated over and over can be very frustrating. You want your message to be long enough so that callers hear new information during their wait. Break this up with some small sections of music that are in keeping with your brand personality.

2. Tone. Like all customer touchpoints, the on-hold message must accurately reflect your company vibe and values. It should use the language and tone that resonates best with your target audience. Selecting the right professional voice-over is very important.

3. Key Brand Messages. You can use on-hold messages to initiate sales, inform customers, promote specials, and keep callers on the line with brand insights. These messages should use the same language and tone used at other touchpoints to ensure brand consistency.

In my case, this morning's call could have easily ended with me hanging up and not returning if it were not an urgent matter. Make sure you use this time wisely with your target audience, and don't underestimate the power of the on-hold message.

If you have questions about on-hold messages or other tools and tactics to help tell your brand story with gusto feel free to send Hayley an email

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