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Where does 'smell' fall into your brand story?

What does your scent say about your brand? Brands are always investing in colours, design, imagery and even music beds but how often do they think about smell? ⁠

For some brands 'scent marketing' is an obvious part of the brand equation such as perfumes, cosmetics and candle manufacturers but it should be something on every brands radar. ⁠

Recently we enjoyed a shopping experience where the scent arrived with the shipped goods. My teenage daughter was busting to use her new swimming flippers once she opened them and the smell of coconut wafted out of the packaging. For her she was transformed to another place. Not to the painful event she will endure with her flippers but to a far more pleasant relaxing place...and she is still smelling those flippers and smiling. ⁠

My husband purchased some perfume for my birthday, the same perfume he bought for me years ago when we were first dating. The smell transformed me from a 40+ year old with 3 children running a business back to my 20's, reminding me of that carefree part of my life, and it immediately made me smile.⁠

Scents are powerful things, they can evoke memories, both good and bad. For some consumers the smell is all part of the customer experience. The scent wraps it all together like a gift.⁠

So when you are thinking about how you would like people to perceive your brand, don't forget about the smell, the scents that help transform people to another place. The fragrances that consumers may connect with a higher end purchase or staff may align with a pleasant environment. Scent marketing is very much part of your brand equation and should assist in creating the ultimate brand story.⁠

If you have questions about tools and tactics to help tell your brand story with gusto feel free to send Hayley an email Neopitch is a marketing agency based in beautiful Port Macquarie, NSW. We translate brand values into visually appealing stories, helping businesses and consumers connect. Want to hear the full-pitch? Let's go

Photo Credit: Ksenia Makagonova

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